People differ from animals in many ways. We create civilizations, we have laws and traditions. Animals have their own rules too, but unlike their rules, our traditions may be impossible or very hard to understand. Here are a few laws or traditions (whatever they call them) that may seem funny, some of them make sense, and some of them don’t. I believe that some of them may be made up, but they will sure make you laugh.

1. In Belgium, if a woman finds out her husband cheated on her, she may pour boiling-hot water on his genitals while he is sleeping. He may do the same to her, if he finds out she cheated on him (Ouch… cheap shot, but you will definitely feel so much better after that!)

2. In China a woman has a right to divorce a man if she doesn’t have orgasm during six months after the wedding (I would give her right to sue him 😀 it’s half a year for crying out loud).