Women can spend hours in a store choosing the right dress, and when they do, they need to pick out a purse and a bracelet that look good with the dress. They sure need a new pair of shoes that will make the dress look even better. The right make up is very important too.

For a man dressing up is much simpler. But many men still wear clothes that not only don’t attract women, but actually repel them. It shouldn’t be hard to choose the right clothes. And now I am going to give you a few examples of what a man can wear to look good.

It is not only about good looks, it is about norms of our society.

1.The first is the simples one. A T-shirt, snickers and jeans. Each of these items should be chosen right.

T-shirt shouldn’t be tight, no matter how much you want your abs to be visible. Believe me, if you have visible abs / biceps, a girl will notice it anyway. You can always tell if a man is in a good shape or not. Wear exactly your size, the bigger size looks messy. It shouldn’t be of a bright color.

Sinkers should be of a good quality, and the right color.

Jeans should be on your waist, not lower. It should be one color fabric. Blue and dark blue (or gray) jeans are the best choice.

2.Shirt and trousers / jeans (with or without a jacket). A shirt may be of a light salmon / blue / beige color + blue jeans + and gray jacket. Or the shirt + black trousers the jacket of the same color or lighter.

Handbag or hair style can be different, the main thing is: it should keep up with the style, which means: black color bag, no long hair and no Mohawk or red hair.