Since the ancient times music has played an important role in the human life. The wise men and the scientists of the past ages supposed that the music is able to restore the order in the universe and in the human organism as well. On the other hand it may possess a great destroying power and bring chaos to nature and human minds. The music really encloses the unlimited opportunities.

Martin Luther stated that the music was the art of the prophets as it was the single art that was able to soothe the disturbed souls and make the evil powers step back as the faith did. People were aware of the healing powers of a sound earlier. Even the ancient doctor Hippocrates who is considered to be the father of medicine practiced musical therapy. He distinguished between the four various basic psychological types and recommended the representatives of each type to listen to a specific kinds of music. He supposed that melancholic personalities should listen to encouraging solemn marches. The best musical compositions for phlegmatic people were supposed to be the calm meditative compositions without sudden alternations of their rhythm and tune. Choleric unstable personalities were recommended to listen to the meditative compositions. The best tunes for sanguine personalities were considered to be the dancing compositions.

But the power of music is also able to kill person or damage his psychics dramatically. For example in the ancient China there was a law according to which a criminal who protested against the current government was not hanged but was made to listen to a dreadful cacophony for more than three days. The numerous imbalanced sounds of drums, flutes and bells didn’t allow the sentenced prisoner to sleep. As a result he went mad and died in approximately three days.

Music still keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries.