Everybody should have a collection of photos which can be shown even to the enemies. Posing in front of camera is a powerful psychotherapy, which will require artistic skills, image creation and exposing your creative energy for the public view. To feel all advantages of this process it is not necessary to pay money as you can easily become a participant of time for print (TFP) photo session. You are not paid for posing but you do not pay the photographer either.

TFP sessions, however, will require more recoil from you so be ready to become a full participant of the process. You will have to offer some original idea, suggestions on its realization, interesting image and maximum of your artistic skills.

To get involved in TPF session is very easy – you just chose a relevant community in the social network, post your photo with brief description of the image you want to create and wait for response. You have more chances for success if you are a young girl with model proportions, or have not banal appearance or plenty of creative ideas most photographers will be glad to realize.

TFP sessions provide you with the choice of place of this free shooting. It can be a studio set, where there is an opportunity to establish proper lighting, make breaks and use different requisite. Or it can be shooting on the plane air, that is, on the open space, like urban landscape, embankments or fields. Despite minor inconveniences, street sets are rich with adventures and curious things so the photos will be unique. Flash mobs present another opportunity to receive bright pictures for free. It is one of the most wonderful events when the crowd of angels, zombies or other atypical personages follows a certain route. Hundreds of models and specially hired photographers will make this photo set become a highly entertaining activity rather than simple shooting.