The term “Nazi hunter” refers to those who chased and tried to capture and prosecute former SS officers, Nazis and Nazi collaborators accused of war crimes. Today it is well known that it was some kind of network of those who wanted to revenge. Thus many Jewish victims of Holocaust who considered it as their duty to find former Nazis and deliver the justice thus taking the law into their own hands. Once they wanted to poison drinking water to kill six million random citizens of divided Germany. Eye for eye. Six million Germans for six million Jewish victims of Holocaust. It was their main principle and idea. Well, fortunately they failed. At the same time it is just so easy to understand their actions.

One of the most remarkable Nazi-hunter was Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005). He survived during Austrian Holocaust and after the end of World War II Wiesenthal was eager to revenge as many other Jewish. He was a founder of the Jewish Historical documentation Center in Linz and Vienna where with the help of volunteers and other Nazi hunters he gathered information on former war criminals and future trials.