If you have long beautiful hair and enjoy treating it and wearing stylish hairdos there is the list of the hottest hairstyles in 2013 for you. The long gorgeous hair is always in all the fashion trends of all times. But here are some ideas for wearing it updone. Of course these are not the rules to follow without taking into account the structure of your hair and the general image but you may pick up some ideas for a change.

  • The classic curls always look nice on sweet girls with fair hair. The woman with soft large waves creates the impression of a tender creature. The firm mass of dark curls is the attribute of a passionate southern beauty.
  • The high ponytail is the way to look stylish without any effort. It’s the best solution for those who are in a hurry and don’t have time to create complex hairstyles.
  • The buns and knots are the universal hairstyles that suit all the outfits from jeans and sneakers to the elegant gown. Try to wear your hair in a loose bun combined with the long skirt and ethnic accessories.