I’ve learned a few tips on how to stop being sad or moody. If you are clinically depressed, these tips are not going to make much difference, but if you use them along with what your doctor tells you – who knows. Anyway:
1. Sun. It is proven that the less sun you get, the more depressed you feel. This is why most people feel down when the weather is gloomy, and in winder, too. Of course, you can’t change the weather and make clouds go away but you can enjoy the sun when the weather is good. If you simply stay at home, it will not help. If it’s summer, go read in a park, if it’s winter, go for a walk. If you can’t get out, enjoy weather sitting on a porch or a balcony. If you have a chance to go on vacation, do. Even if you have no one to go with. Trust me, human company is overrated, you will be surprised how much you can enjoy the beach alone or in a company of a good book.