Graceland is one of the most popular places in the United States. Former house of Elvis Presley and his family is a museum nowadays. It was opened in 1982. Even though the house is widely criticized (mainly its design) in fact more than 650 000 people visit Graceland annually. Thus Albert Goldman compares it with a brothel. Tamsin Blanchard shares his impressions describing the mansion. “In a fit of gaudiness we could only expect from the King, the house was fitted out like a bordello. This was the early 70s, after all, and if Elvis couldn’t paint his house red, then who could? […] So the walls, carpets, curtains and furnishings were all hot Corvette red”.

A huge mansion was built in 1939 and represents a colonial style. The Presleys acquired an estate in 1957. The house has 23 rooms. Along with interior decorator George Golden Elvis planned the house interiors. Sometimes Elvis was strange. Thus “Elvis had three televisions installed. He got the idea from President Johnson, who enjoyed watching three news broadcasts at once. Not content with watching one football game, Elvis could keep up with three at the same time”.

Elvis Presley loved his home. It is said that the hotel rooms he stayed in were refurbished so that the interiors looked like Graceland’s ones.

One of the most famous rooms is so called Jungle room. It was Elvis’s favorite place in the house. The King decorated it in such a style it could remind him his favorite Hawaii.

Planning your visit you’d better buy the tickets online. In fact too many people want to see how the King of rock and roll lived. The lines at ticket office are quite long. By the way some rooms of the house are not open. The bathroom where Presley died as well as one of his bedrooms are closed to visitors.