The rituals and beliefs of Maya that appeared before the times of Columbus constitute the whole layer of traditions that is still a lacuna in a modern social studies. According tho the ancient Maya beliefs Alush is the representative of the whole host of the creatures that live next to the settlements of the human beings. The traditions connected with Alushes still remain quite popular within the modern native population of Mexico. Alush is believed to be a small anthropomorphic creature who cares for the crop and the house to be in order and defends the household and the land from the invasion of strangers or enemies.

The figures of Alushes were commonly made of clay or wax. The shamans used to form the smallest details of the figure carefully and carried out a special secret ritual to endow this figure with “the breath of life”. The peasants left the figure under the oldest tree in their yard or placed it in a small house, built for it. They regularly brought food and drinks to the figure. These toy-sized meals were the best pieces cut off from their own products before the whole family sat at the table to eat. Some time later the small figure disappeared from its place. That meant Alush had started fulfilling his functions. Since that moment the invasion to the territory defended by Alush had become dangerous. However Alush remained quite friendly towards his owners. The only unpleasant thing concerning keeping an Alush was the fact that he used to steal his owner’s belongings. If the owner wanted to get rid of his Alush he was to find the figure and break it. But that ritual had to be carried out during the daytime only. In other cases the one who had broken the Alush figure could fall ill seriously or even die.

In 1995 the archeologists found the skulls of unusual form in the suburbs of Merida. The native people keep claiming them to be the skulls of Alushes while the scientists of the whole world are aiming to define their origin.

When you drive from the Cancun International Airport you may see the small pyramid under the bridge. The building of this bridge was started in the 90s. When the largest part of the work had already been fulfilled the bridge suddenly collapsed. The architect who was supervising the building was desperate as he couldn’t find the reason for the bridge to crash. One of the builders told him that the building won’t make any success without the approval of Alushes. Since that time everyone may see the small pyramid which is the house of Alush in fact.