Collecting thing has always presented much interest for people and became one of the most popular of their hobbies. May be such interest originates from the primeval stage of human development when people collected roots and herbs in order to survive. May be it reflects the materialistic part of our nature. However, with time this passion for collecting has transformed, and now people search for the strangest objects some of them are even immaterial ones.

One Dane came up with an idea to collect ecstasy pills. He found about 2400 pills of all possible colors. Unfortunately, though inevitably, his collection was stolen and there is a strong possibility that most of specimens do not exist any longer. This kind of collecting is illegal but this man came to the police nevertheless with the purpose nit to return the collection but to warn the thief that forty pills from the lot were poisoned.

Paul Yarrow from London collects the shots of his appearing on the background of different TV shows. Nobody invites him to these shows; he just comes and stands behind the journalist or actually in any place where there is a camera. He has already appeared on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News and received the nickname “news raider”.

If you decide to occupy yourself with some hobby, it is not necessary to collect some items. You can, for instance, pretend to be dead, like Chuck Lumb. This 47-years old man pretends dead for many years and he started to post his “dead” photos in the Internet since 2005. His hobby brought him popularity and money as well as his blog is visited by millions of users and he is invited to TV and radio programs. By the way, his original motivation was to star in the movie, so he chose this unusual way to reach his goal.

Another man, Reed Sandridge, decided not to collect things but to give them away instead. Under “things” Sandridge understands “money”. Every day he gives $10 to someone who is in need. He records every donation in his note book and, of course, leads his blog. It is interesting, that Sandridge started this activity when he got fired.

In China the recent popular hobby is painting the dogs in different colors. The Chinese not only paint them, but cut their fur as well in order to make them look like other animals – pandas or tigers, for instance.

Li Zongxiong from Taiwan decided to pass his retirement in tattooing his cars. He covers even mirrors, windscreens and number plates with different Buddhist texts. All four cars of this man are totally covered already, and his son promised him a bus to satisfy his passion for writing on vehicles.

People never stop to invent new ideas of entertainment. Some collect condoms or antique buttons, the others chase storms or hunt for UFO. All these hobbies help people to reveal their creative skills and hidden talents, so you should just occupy your niche and enjoy doing something interesting.