So, you see that nowadays anyone can grab a camera and call himself a photographer. Why not trying it out, too? But still, remember that there is a gap between a person with a cool camera and a professional photographer. Photo shooting is like love – whom you make love with DOES matter! So, check 7 wrong steps that one can make while learning the science of photography.

Step #1. Don’t think about the object of your photo shoot. Seriously, there are so many things around us: landscapes, faces, buildings, your own sneakers, bugs and puppies… You definitely should shoot them all at the same time – who knows what you have a latent talent for? Concentrating on some definite theme and working out your individual style is absolutely pointless as long as you can succeed in every sphere.

Step #2. Read each and every manual and review in the Internet. The more you read the more “useful” knowledge you obtain. Besides, all these reviews are always written by real ninja photographers, so you can trust their testimonials without any hesitation. So, if you have already learned the difference between various spectral characteristics and still sane, let’s skip to the next step.

Step #3. Withdraw all the money you have on your savings account, borrow some if the sum on your account isn’t large enough, and buy the most expensive camera you can find. Everyone knows that the more expensive the camera is the better photographer you are.

Step #4. Don’t ever go to the specialized store. Firstly, when you listen to the sales managers’ comments on different models you feel like going back to the Step #2; secondly, they have such a wide range of cameras that you can get lost.

Step #5. Go to the local electronics hypermarkets. First of all, they always offer discounts and sales. Second of all, you’ll definitely choose a great camera from all 3 cameras they have in store. And finally, the sales person who assists you has doubtlessly learned all 3 variants through and through and will endorse your choice. And the fact that he is actually a sales person from Toys department doesn’t really matter.

Step #6. If you are looking for a camera for traveling, make sure you bought the heaviest one with huge lens. It’s very comfortable and will bring you a lot of joy during your trip. Besides, you don’t have to worry about grabbing any books or magazines to read in the plane or on the beach because the manual from such camera is big enough to help you kill time.

Step #7. Remember that it’s very easy to make a nice shot. You should just take a sight and push the button. All the rest is to be done by your super smart expensive camera. Actually, at this point you are absolutely helpless. And don’t believe that you can improve the quality of your pictures by browsing the settings! If someone tells you that you are supposed to change them for different types of photo shooting, you’ve probably skipped Step #4.