Due to his nature a human being is an active creature, and the capacity to wait is not given to us since we were born as the natural instinct always urges us to perform actions. The waiting is viewed as a discomforting situation, besides, in the world where the time passes faster and faster people have completely forgotten how to wait. The problem is even deeper as with loosing the skill of waiting we forget how to relax and switch the head off in lots of situations.

The first thing you should do to switch to a more relaxed mode is to stop viewing waiting as a problem. It is a kind of emptiness which requires natural filling, a change of life tempo which occurs despite our will and in improper moment. You should just adjust this waiting for yourself, put it down in your personal schedule – if you wait for the water to boil, read a book, if you are in a traffic jam, repeat French grammar or enjoy music. Do not allow the process of waiting to capture you and shift the focus of your attention.

Waiting is always followed by some uncertainty. People, who can not calmly stand something unknown, often have a high basic level of anxiety and distrust, so they tend to put everything under their control. However, you should accept the fact that it is impossible to control everything and it is easier to accept the circumstances which make us wait. Try to listen to the surrounding environment and feel the changes in it. It will tell you when it is time to act and when it is better to make a pause and enjoy what you have without trying to control time and circumstances. As it is said in the philosophy of Taoism, it is important “to follow the stream”, that is, to accept the pace of life calmly and without irritation.