Another day I faced pretty complex and unpleasant situation. It concerns my close friend Julie. I have been known her since our school days. We were classmates and befriended as soon as met each other. Julie and me suffered a lot but we had so many funny and joyful days you can hardly imagine! Not many have such a faithful and wonderful friend as Julie. I’m sure she would never leave me alone and betray. I can rely on her every single time I have difficulties in my life. But she is ready to share joy of life along with me and my family.

But this time frankly speaking I do not know what to do and Julie is hardly a person who would help me and give an advice.

What have happened? Well, nothing serious but the point is that Julie is in a situation I can’t understand. If it happened to my acquaintance or a person I do not know well then I would definitely blame and condemn this individual. But due to some reasons it happened to my best friend. Why? Julie was a bold child and had some problems at home and in school when she was a teenager. Her parents never supported her and were indifferent to her problems. That was really terrible. But we managed somehow and overcame all the obstacles in life. I helped her to enter the college and after graduation she got just a perfect position of a photographer. She takes wonderful pictures and she is really talented person. When she started her career in a fashion magazine she couldn’t spend her spare time with me as it had been before. Well, it is OK of course. She became very busy and successful. Sometimes her behavior is just terrible, it seems like everything irritates her. Her friend, her job are just nothing for her. She stays in a limelight and everything is concentrated around her personality. Well, frankly speaking I got used to it explaining it by her success and achievements. And as you can guess she became pretty prosperous making very good money. It is wonderful of course, her parents are of a lower class and never supported her financially.

For me it is just nothing to the situation in her private life. It worries me pretty much. Last summer she started dating married man. His name is Gary. So it is supposed to be OK I think. Actually there is nothing special in the case. Julie is stunning and very attractive young lady. Gary is handsome young businessman who could satisfy any Julie’s whim. Do you want to have a breakfast in Paris? Here we are. How about to have a snack in Milan? It is as simple as anything! It is wonderful, but he has just married and his young silly wife is pregnant. How come it could happen? His wife actually is forth months pregnant. It is disgusting and I can’t bear it anymore. I can’t just keep silent and be indifferent to it. And the most disappointing thing in this situation is that it is just normal for Julie as if nothing has happened. I’m tired and I do not want to quarrel with her. She doesn’t understand me and understand how serious it is…Or I exaggerate the problem? I’m looking forward to your answers…