Arts as a whole have a very long history of development. Starting with the ancient times, people used petroglyphic drawings to express and describe the world around them. Those pics contained the whole philosophy and the wisdom of every event. With the flow of time, the notion of art became broader including not only visual components, but audible ones and even writing. The evolution of art finally lead to what we have now. No, I mean we still have painting, music and books and drama as parts of the artistic world, but they are not as popular as the issue I’m going to discuss here.

Modern conceptual art. What associations do you have when you here these words? I know it’s difficult to define it, but if we believe the open web sources, modern conceptual art is the literary-artistic movement, a part of postmodernism, shaped into an independent discipline in 60s in America and Europe. Too dry an explanation, yeah? By the way, I disagree with it. I believe that modern art doesn’t have any clear definition at all and it’s also a part of the concept it represents, a part of the performance. The last issue is actually the most popular display of conceptual art nowadays.

I’ve seen lot’s of them. The first motto of any performance is to be available with the detail, that the more people see it, the better the event is. So, you can see lot’s of performances every day in the streets of your towns, in malls, in the yards – everywhere. The main thing is to understand you’re involved in it;)

Using the scientific language, a performance is a form of modern art, made by an artist or a group of them in certain place at certain time with 4 necessary aspects: time, place, the artist, and the attitude of the artist towards the viewer.To put it in a simpler way – this kind of conceptual art is a visual theatrical event always under a big philosophic idea. Yeah, right. EVERYTHING at all can become a performance, it can be static or dynamic, it can be silent and loud, it can be frightening and dazzling. And all this is art, ladies and gentlemen. Actually, performance is the most strange kind of art I have ever seen. Anyway, I don’t deny it has the right to exist together with the basic artistic elements.

The first performance is believed to be created in 1952 by the composer J. Cage. His staged event was called “4,33” and presented a 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silent play. Nothing at all, just silence. Seems strange but it’s also beautiful.

Today, modern technologies and computing give conceptual art a new flavor. The idea can be expressed through installations, photo sets and video lines. There are whole museums with their usual exhibitions of absolutely different conceptual aids which are extremely interesting to be visited to get the whole impression of modern artistic vies.

The most strange performance I have ever seen lasted for two days. A man with a dog-collar lived in a kennel barking like a dog and saying no human word. It was strange but really dazzling, because the idea of being slaved by everyday needs and by governments and money was transmitted so brightly, it was hard to believe this visual performance could be so clear in its meaning.

If you only have an opportunity to get acquainted with modern conceptual art – do it. It’s my advice. Nothing can shape your attitude towards this controversial notion than your own experience. It should be seen. You even don’t have to understand it, but you must know how the modern conceptual art looks like. And then, only then, you will be able to decide if you’re into it or not.